Secret Agent Fat Loss: Lessons From 007

I just bloody love a bit of James Bond.

The gadgets, the girls, the explosions, the witty one liners before dispatching his enemies…

However, rather than writing a load of crap about how excited I am to go and see Spectre at the IMAX, I thought I’d share with you all what I think the other, marginally less cool and suave JB can teach us about successful fat loss.

1) James has a support team behind him.

Without a gadget from Q, his elite level of training from the Navy, key information relayed to him via Moneypenny, or “relaxation” courtesy of a Bond girl, there’s no way he can do all the outrageous shit he does like making it out of crocodile infested rivers, leaping off buildings and taking a whip repeatedly to his nadgers.

Fat loss is no different! You NEED a team behind you.

You need someone to be accountable to and to provide some objectivity to help you make decisions without those pesky emotions getting in the way, causing you to do stupid shit.

Sure some of you might be lucky, and able to do it alone, but the vast majority of us (myself included) need that little bit of help. Ask an expert for advice and hire them if necessary.

2) James ALWAYS has a backup plan

Very rarely do things go exactly according to plan for poor James.

In an ideal world he’d rather just pop a bullet between the eyes of his enemies, but events don’t pan out this way and it would make the films very short.

Instead, he’s adaptable.

Rather than using a gun for his kills, he’s used bowler hats, knives concealed in suitcases, ice sculptures and liquid nitrogen.

Pretty unconventional, but it still gets the job done.

This is exactly how you should be thinking when you’re trying to change your physique.

Sure there might be a “textbook” plan A, where you’re super strict with everything, won’t touch a drop of alcohol or junk food.

But when did this ever work?

Instead, the more successful tend to be smart, flexible and adaptable, trying to incorporate the stuff that they enjoy into their plan. Stuck doing this? Drop me a note HERE and I can help.

3) James takes immediate action.

Very rarely will Bond ever stop and think about a situation before choosing what to do next.

Instead he relies on his gut instinct in conjunction with the abilities and skills that he’s honed in training and in during his vast field experience.

He does this in his typical cool, no frills manner, saving his effort for when it matters the most.

This is exactly how we should be if we are trying to lose fat and generally look & feel better naked.

We often have what’s known as “paralysis analysis”, where we overthink stuff so much that we fail to take action because we’re so bogged down in the minute details when really we just need to focus on what matters:

Adherence: make sure you can stick to your approach.

Calorie intake: eat fewer calories than you burn off to lose fat.

Macronutrient intake: eat sufficient carbs to fuel training, enough protein to keep you full and avoid losing muscle mass, adequate fats to ensure good general health.

Keep general activity high (lots of walking) to burn more calories and keep your body healthy.

(Relatively) heavy, basic weight training. By targeting all the major muscle groups in the body you’ll build muscle mass and it’ll generally make you look better!

Any other variable likely pales in comparison in terms of importance to the above. So make sure you nail these before playing about with anything else!

Well, that was a ton of fun to write! If you enjoyed reading it even half as much as I did writing it, make sure to share it with your bros and hoes using the links to the left (or below if you’re on a mobile device!).


FotorCreatedJames Blanchard (JB) is a personal trainer and nutrition consultant, working with clients both online and on an in person basis from the Better Body Group in Sevenoaks, UK.

He specialises in getting hard working, busy people lean, strong and confident whilst still enabling them to be social and enjoying life’s pleasures. Ya know, like beer, pizza and stuff.

Taking a scientific and evidence based approach, he designs his clients’ training and nutrition programs in the most effective, time efficient and easy to stick to way possible.

He has a weird obsession with picking heavy stuff up and putting it down again. He channels this through competing in powerlifting, where he currently holding a regional record in the squat. He’s also tried his hand at various other sports, including rugby, bobskeleton and athletics.

To get your hands on some of JB’s best work for free, you can join over a 1000 others and get his Get Shredded Toolkit, containing everything you need to get lean: “5 Rules to Get Shredded eBook”, a whole body training program, a completely personalised diet and comprehensive how-to guide here.

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