JB’s Log: Road to GBPF Nationals!

So my last training cycle came to an end and now my testing has finished, time to start another. In case you missed my 1RM testing/mock powerlifting meet, see the video below.

My next cycle is quite short and will take me through to my next meet on the 3rd May.

The next cycle is still in the style of Daily Undulating Periodisation (my original program was the same template as Mike Samuels’, you can check out his superb article on DUP here: http://www.healthylivingheavylifting.com/the-every-mans-guide-to-dup/) but with a few modifications to try and hammer my weak points before my next competition.

In case you were wondering, my weak points are:
Squat: mid point, so will be doing some paused work at the bottom to help improve my confidence and speed out the bottom to blast through the middle.
Bench: again, mid point, so will be doing some extra long paused, wide grip and chain work to help improve my speed off my chest to blast through the middle point.
Deadlift: all of it is weak, but particularly off the bottom so am adding in some paused deadlifts, deadlifts from a deficit.

The new template is as follows:

Speed bench press w/chains 6×3 (chain weight 40kg total, bar weight 70kg)
Deadlift 5×3 @85% max (180kg), every week adding 2.5-5kg
Paused squat 5×5 @75% (160kg), every week adding on one extra set

Speed squat 6×3 @70% (150kg)
Bench press 5×3 @85% max (127.5kg), every week adding 2.5kg
Paused¬†deadlift 5×5 @75% (160kg), every week adding on one extra set

Speed deadlift from deficit 6×3 @70% (150kg)
Squat 5×3 @85% (180kg), every week adding 2.5-5kg
Bench press wide grip, 3count pause on chest 5×5@75% (112.5kg), every week adding little extra weight

Military press 4×6-8
Incline DB press 3×10-12
Weighted neutral grip chins 4×6-8
One arm chest supported rows 3×10-12
Abs 3×10-12

If you want to give DUP style training a go please do ask!


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