JB’s Best Training & Nutrition Reads of the Week 31/08/15

Every week I’ll be collating a handful of the very best articles on training and nutrition from some of the top experts in the industry. Without further adieu, let’s take a look at the top picks this week:

Weight Loss Motivation: 3 Mind Hacks to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight by Jordan Syatt

How Often Is BMI Misleading? by Albert Sun for the New York Times

Why Clean Eating is Worse Than Just a Silly Fad by Isabel Harman & Lara Prendergast for the Spectator

Why Has Everyone Got It So Horribly Wrong? By Yusef Smith of Propane Fitness

What 14 Ripped Guys Find Hardest About Dieting by Mike Samuels

Introducing the Pyramid & Level 1 – Calories (VIDEO) by Eric Helms of 3DMJ:


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