Clean Eater to Flexible Dieter – Katie’s Transformation

Katie started working with me back in April for a 16-week program with the goal of simply dropping some body fat.


If you’re a reader of my content, you’ll likely know that I like to keep things simple. Whilst these things may be simple, they are still incredibly effective! Here’s what I got Katie to focus on:

  • Tracking of calories and protein as a priority to ensure she was in a calorie deficit. The protein intake ensured she kept hunger at bay and helped with building/maintaining some lean muscle mass thanks to all the hard work she was going to be putting in at the gym.
  • Eating her favourite foods. Gin, chocolate and wine made a pretty regular appearance and she still dropped a ton of body fat. Teaching her how to incorporate these things into her diet whilst still being healthy and allowing her to drop fat eliminated her binge eating and allowed her to take control whilst making the diet easy to follow.
  • Following a basic full body split training program. We picked moves that had her lifting heavy and steadily built up volume over time once her technique and fitness improved.


Katie dropped 5kg over 16 weeks, gained strength and improved her relationship with food… and she of course looks amazing for it! Just check out her before and after photos below (each photo taken at a 4-week interval):


Allow me to hand over to Katie to tell you all about her transformation:

“I decided to sign up for coaching after reading JBs daily emails and blog posts for a month or so. 

His non-restrictive approach was what really appealed to me – beforehand I would be really ‘clean’ and ‘healthy’ Monday to Friday and then have a complete calorie binge/blowout Saturday/Sunday which would undo all my work (and more) during the week.

It was a vicious cycle which was really difficult to control.

When I signed up and read that I really could have that bar of chocolate or that glass (or 4) of wine I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to trust myself with what I considered ‘bad food’ and end up binging all day long, like I used to do. What I ended up finding out that was you CAN lose weight while eating your favourite foods and it really wasn’t that difficult.

My favourite part of the whole experience was realising that treats are there to be enjoyed, not to feel guilty about! The training element of the program was also fantastic, I was a regular gym goer but never knew what to do with the weights. The training program meant I was in and out of the gym within an hour (usually 45 minutes) and usually only 3 times a week!

I have lost 5kg since starting with James and my relationship with nutrition and training has been transformed!

If anyone has any doubts about whether or not to take the plunge, go for it – you won’t regret it.”

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